About Shoreline Capital

Reliable, Flexible Lending Solutions

Shoreline Capital is a San Diego-based, privately capitalized lender. Our loan platform provides short-term, bridge financing secured by commercial real estate located nationwide. We offer reliable and flexible lending solutions supplied in a timely matter to help real estate sponsors meet their investment objectives. We finance the recapitalization or acquisition of opportunistic and value-add real estate transactions between $2 million- $15 million. Shoreline Financial and its principals have been responsible for funding more than $540 million of debt and equity.

Our mission is to offer solutions to real estate investors and companies who banks can’t help. We believe there is a need for flexibility, transparency, and efficacy in the bridge lending marketplace. With a realistic view of the competitive lending environment, Shoreline Financial works with our borrowers to solve any unforeseen challenges that arise during due diligence.

We want to close with you.

  • Email or call us with your loan scenario.
  • Acquisitions must be in a valid, duly signed purchase sales agreement.  We are not able to review targeted deals.
  • Download our summary intake form and send it to us with the items we require, both are at the bottom of each Lending page.
  • Be available for questions regarding your loan request during our review.
  • Terms issued quickly within 24-48 hours on simple deals and 3-5 days for complex transactions.
  • A refundable expense deposit will be required for any necessary third-party reports and legal upon execution of terms.
  • We may not require an appraisal, our decision is based on several factors.
  • We typically do not require environmental reports or property condition analysis reports, unless there is a concern.
  • Closings occur quickly after execution of terms, within 2 to 3 weeks.
Non-conventional Loans

Shoreline provides reliable capital on difficult to finance real estate transactions that include:

  • A fast closing requirement that does not allow sufficient time to conduct a full appraisal;
  • Lack of creditworthy sponsors;
  • Property issues, such as high vacancy or near-term vacancy;
  • Short term acquisition financing required for closing part of a property assemblage involving multiple sellers;

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